Starting up

Welcome to Bloodlust .Project, a simple plugging website dedicated to unite all Vampire Knight fans around the world as well and serve as an online resource directory for all your VK needs. Please feel free to browse around and learn more about the project. Enjoy your stay!

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Sure thing. If you own a Vampire Knight related site and you are interested in having it plugged here, please carefully read the guidelines below:

Now that we got the guidelines straight, let's see the steps to submit your site:

What do I get?

Most likely a few more visiters at your site and the joy of spreaking the Vampire Knight love around the world, that's all I can garantee really.
Remember the link back button must be up on your site at all times if you do, same thing will happen here :).

Spread the word!

You can help us to keep in touch with other VK fans and followers linking back to this site with a button or a text-link. Do NOT hotlink the images.